Schedules (Summer 2016 Posted)

Summer 2016 Schedule (as of April 15, 2016)
Engineering Center (pdf)
FIU at I-75 (pdf)
FEEDS/Online (pdf)

Spring 2016 Schedule (as of January 6, 2016)
Engineering Center (pdf)
FIU at I-75 (pdf)
FEEDS/Online (pdf)

Fall 2015 Schedule (as of August 21, 2015)
Engineering Center (pdf)
FIU at I-75 (pdf)
FEEDS/Online (pdf)

ATTENTION: Graduation Policy for the Graduate Students

Students should contact the advisor at least one semester prior to their projected graduation and request a review of their file. At the start of the final semester, graduate students, planning to graduate, are required to complete an Application for Graduation. If for any reason a student fails to graduate in the semester after applying for graduation, the student must reapply for graduation and enroll for at least one graduate credit.

It is the student’s responsibility to ascertain that all requirements for graduation, as stated in the University Catalog and in the School Program sheets, have been met.

ATTENTION Undergraduate Students: New prerequisites effective Spring 2009

1. BCN 2402, Structural Design 1 will have a prerequisite course – MAC 1114, Trigonometry

2. BCN 3720, Scheduling 1 will have a prerequisite course – BCN 3611, Estimating I

ATTENTION: All notices/updates regarding the courses will be sent only to the FIU email addresses. All students are required to check their FIU emails regularly to receive the information!!!